(Roy Regaspi/Wilmer Tria/Jose M. Carpio)

In the virtue and wisdom of God
and your fiat at Gabriel’s word
with Joseph your most chaste spouse
you raised our Lord in love.

We come to you our Mother
as we respond to your son’s call
despite our frail humanity
to make disciples of all nations
and so, in glory, with shouts of joy;
Our souls magnify the Lord as we sing:

Oh Mary, Mother of God,
Queen of the Rosary
Help us to serve with love and zeal
after the Heart of Christ
with the virtue and wisdom God.

Oh Mary, Mother of God,
Queen of the Rosary
let your faith be our way
to your Son for Bicol and the world.
For Bicol and the world!


O Queen of the Holy Rosary,
O bless us as we pray,
And offer thee our roses
In garlands day by day,
While from our Father’s garden,
With loving hearts and bold,
We gather to thine honor
Buds white and red and gold.

O Queen of the Holy Rosary,
Each myst’ry blends with thine
The sacred life of Jesus
In ev’ry step divine,
Thy soul was His fair garden,
Thy virgin breast His throne,
Thy thoughts His faithful mirror,
Reflecting Him alone.

O Queen of the Holy Rosary,
We share thy joy and pain,
And long to see the glory
Of Christ’s triumphant reign.
Oh, teach us holy Mary,
To live each mystery,
And gain by patient suff’ring
The glory won by thee.